Executive Equity Guidance Services.

Are you one of those people who finds their executive compensation challenging to manage, overwhelming and complex? Most don’t know how their plans integrate various forms of compensation, and often cash needs drive transactions instead of a well-conceived divestiture plan. Our conversation begins with an understanding of your stock-based compensation.

Initial Financial Planning Services.

SFG is a fee-only advisor who works with clients in a fiduciary relationship, similar in structure to an accountant or attorney. From the initial meeting, our relationship is based on understanding your financial situation, determining the overall well-being of your financial situation and preparing a plan in pursuit of your financial goals.
  • Stock-based compensation planning services
  • Need analysis, goal-setting
  • Cash flow and tax analysis
  • Retirement, education, insurance and estate planning

Ongoing Services.

Professional legal services are the underpinning of most successful estate planning strategies; they can give you more control over your assets during your life and permit the transfer of wealth to individuals or institutions of your choice. Our legal services partners can create an estate plan for the supervision of your property during life, as well as how that property should be distributed at death.

Executive Planning Services. (EPS)

Executive Planning Services (EPS) encompasses planning and reporting in areas such as executive stock-based compensation planning, executive non-qualified deferred compensation planning, annual tax planning, estate and charitable planning, retirement planning and annual monitoring, education planning and monitoring, risk management, cash flow planning and monitoring and asset management and performance monitoring. At the client’s discretion SFG may provide these services on a discretionary or nondiscretionary basis.

Financial Independence Planning Services. (FIPS)

Financial Independence Planning Services (FIPS) provides comprehensive financial planning for Clients who do not require executive stock-based compensation planning. All other Executive Planning Services are accessed through our Financial Independence Planning Services (FIPS) option on a discretionary or nondiscretionary basis.

Asset Management Services. (AMS)

Asset Management Services (AMS) works with every client in developing an Investment Policy Statement, containing the foundation for all investment recommendations and decisions made on the client’s behalf. SFG offers ongoing and continuous review of investment assets and consolidated reporting consistent with the Investment Policy Statement and overall market conditions.

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Our Services.

Our services include the ongoing implementation and monitoring of the following offerings based on the initial financial planning engagement recommendations;

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