We'll Coordinate With Your Current Service Provider, Too

Executive financial advisor, financial planner, accountant, and lawyer: With a financial plan from SFG you can coordinate all of these roles under one convenient roof.

Many clients ask us to work with a trusted attorney, CPA or other advisor. We will play the role you need with your current professional to keep your program on track.

A financial plan from SFG includes:

  • Stock-based compensation planning services
  • Needs analysis, goal-setting
  • Cash flow and tax analysis
  • Retirement, education, insurance and estate planning
  • Investment planning
  • Formalized recommendations

We are planning to help you reach your financial goals

Offering Benefit
Comprehensive financial planning Provides a way to manage and measure financial progress
Cash flow planning Assist with gaining peace of mind and control around outlays and anticipated spending
College funding Makes college tuition payments less stressful through a program of smaller, regular investments
Investment review planning Analyzing current investment situation is the first step in making adjustments, reallocating, or staying the course
Planning for special situations A wide offering of services to deal with unique and complex tax, investment, and financial events such as 10b5-1 and transfers
Life and health insurance Time-honored mainstays for protecting loved ones
Long-term care insurance Planning for long-term health now may eliminate money drain and provide relief to family members later
Special needs planning For a family member needing extra resources and attention ensuring future financial security
Retirement planning Smaller, incremental investments toward independence can relieve financial pressures of later years 
Tax preparation Professional, affordable tax help speeds the return filing process
Tax planning Proven tax expertise ahead of time can uncover overlooked ways to retain your money
Estate analysis and design planning Organizing an estate for disposition in advance provides financial and emotional relief to loved ones

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