Access SFG's Full Benefits With Executive Planning Services (EPS)

  • Stock-based compensation planning services
  • Financial plan
  • Single-source, pro-active ongoing services
  • Quarterly and annual monitoring

Our Premier Executive Planning Services Provide:

  • Quarterly guidance in evaluating and selecting investment options
  • Objective advice to help you make the most informed decisions
  • Educational resources that inform and empower
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing
  • Regular consultation and review of your portfolio and financial plan

Leaving A Legacy Takes Vision And Direction

Professional legal services are the underpinning of most successful estate planning strategies; they can give you more control over your assets during your life and permit the transfer of wealth to individuals or institutions of your choice. Our legal services partners can create an estate plan for the supervision of your property during life, as well as how that property should be distributed at death.

These services also address those special issues that may confront an individual; such as providing financial security for family and friends, planning for children of a prior marriage, equalizing inheritances fairly, control over social capital you want to leave to preferred charities, and the succession of a business.

While SFG cannot provide legal services or give legal advice, we will coordinate access to our qualified service providers. By coordinating your legal service requirements through SFG, you don’t have to work with an attorney who is not part of your financial services planning circle. We will give you access to legal service providers and you can match up the right legal relationship with the plan we’re implementing for you. 

Compare SFG's Executive Planning Services To Your Current Services Relationship

  SFG Executive Planning Services Current Service Relationship
Broad holistic focus on financial planning, education, spending plan, insurance, retirement, investments, tax planning, legal and lending services    
Independence from proprietary product bias and free from conflicts of interest    
Ready access to new ideas for your future financial security    
Ability to customize degree of SFG involvement in the planning process    
Full range of fee-only investment options    
Trustworthy, cheerful, energetic team of advisor professionals