Equity Plan Professionals

SFG Wealth has partnered with Certent

SFG is proud to announce that we have partnered with Certent, Inc. to assist companies in supporting the financial plans for their senior executives. SFG, as a fee-only financial planning firm, is dedicated to assisting senior executives with comprehensive financial planning that incorporates stock-based compensation. Read more about Certent (www.certent.com). Certent software analyzes data and provides robust reporting platforms for stock administrators. This enables them to access internal and external reporting and automate the workflows for their executive compensation plans. SFG works with senior executives to balance their regulatory, tax and public responsibilities with their personal financial planning goals. We provide the planning and expertise to unlock the value from stock awards to meet long-term financial objectives.

Together, these two firms offer a powerful combination to plan administrators and senior executives.

SFG Services for Senior Executives

Pre-Execution Execution Post-Execution

Financial Education

Divesture; restricted securities processing

Reinvestment: Diversification, asset allocation, and asset management

Stock-based financial planning

Planning aspects of compliance

Cash flow/scenario planning

Tax impact of divestitures

Guidance on Forms 3, 4 or 5

Retirement income source planning

Analysis of equity compensation and parity

Reinvestment: Diversification, asset allocation, and asset management

Fee-only for service

Establishment of 10b5-1 plans



Monitoring blackouts and open windows



Economic valuation of stock holdings (Black- Scholes)



Cash flow/scenario planning



Retirement income source planning



Advice on private companies stock-based compensation plans




"At Certent, we believe in the power of a strong network of industry partners. We understand how important these relationships are when it comes to a successful equity compensation program. We are thrilled to add SFG Wealth Planning Services, Inc. to our industry-leading partner network, giving companies who use our software the opportunity to seamlessly work with one of the most respected wealth planning firms in North America."

       - John Neider, Director of Alliances, Certent

Learn more about Certent and their software solutions for equity plan administrators at www.Certent.com


"At our core, SFG seeks to leverage the skills and talents of equity professionals well represented by Certent's size and deep resources. Our senior-level public and private company senior-level executive clients look for service expertise on all aspects of plan design, software support, and administration, the very reason we have sought and mutually entered into our relationship with Certent, strengthening our value."

       - Chuck Steege, President, Financial Advisor to Senior-level Executives, SFG